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Gotta Go!

I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies!~ Prissy

And I don’t know nothin’ bout raisin’ babies. That’s the only disclaimer I know to offer. So, without further delay, let’s jump into a blog matter I’ve wanted to address for some time. I can only imagine the many monumental moments of motherhood. Your child’s first tooth, first birthday, first steps, first day of kindergarten, first time to camp, etc. I get it, and I love hearing about it. What I don’t “get” is potty training and the need for so many to share this time of their child’s life in detail on a blog…that’s open to the rest of the world. And what’s up with the passive aggressive blogging about “my oldest was trained by 19 months”? Gold star to you…and your child. (Between you and me, I think you’re lying.)

Diapers cost over $40.00 a week and I get that. At least I got a little enjoyment from the $40.00+ I spent on drinks last night. At least Pampers come with coupons. I missed happy hour and was forced to pay full price. I had to digress for a moment.

I don’t mind reading “we bribed him with M&M’s” or “we promised a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.” I appreciate a little bribery and can always read about chocolate. But I draw the line with discussions about “going commando,” “tinkle in the froggie potty,” and “doo-dee in the big potty.” The pictures of your child reading OK Magazine on the froggie potty are cute, but save them for the baby book….not the blog. Why not wait and save the pictures for the day when your 13 year old daughter is being a bit sassy with you in front of her equally sassy girlfriends? Now, that's bribery at its best.

But for the love of Underoos, please don’t start a three part blog series about the potty training experience. If you feel so inclined, just message me. I’ll talk you through it. Most likely, I’ll just bribe you with a night on the town with me. We’ll take the $40.00 you just saved on diapers and my credit card, and I’ll show why I know nothin’ bout raisin’ babies.


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